The name Noah Hopkins is synonymous with the nightclub NEXUS. This book digs deep into Noah’s journey, tracing his life back to his childhood in the Gert Town section of New Orleans where he dared to dream about a life beyond his low-income neighborhood. When he finally fulfilled his dream, it was bigger than he ever imagined.

The NEXUS Days is an inside look at how Noah achieved success; the people who collaborated with him in business and the customers who made his businesses thrive. The book recalls the many celebrities who visited NEXUS and even shares the back-stories about the night Eddie Murphy came to NEXUS as well as the appearances by Stevie Wonder.

Throughout its pages, the book recognizes that during its glory days, NEXUS was the social nucleus for Black professionals in New Orleans. It also weaves in a love story involving Noah and his wife, Karin Hopkins, who is the author of The NEXUS Days. She goes behind the scenes and reveals the raw truth about this iconic nightclub, how it flourished and why it ultimately failed.

Before the last drink was poured, NEXUS sustained many years of popularity and its five-year reign is a story that has been waiting to be told. The NEXUS Days reveals stunning insights about aspects of the business that have never been publicly discussed. It also is a Master Class in business development, especially for anyone interested in starting a nightclub. And the book is a delightful stroll down memory lane for everyone who experienced NEXUS.