NEXUS Quenched Many Thirsts

Everybody who was a NEXUS customer, has a NEXUS story. They met their wife there. They met their husband there. They met a celebrity there. They saw Stevie Wonder there. And even I have a NEXUS story, (many stories actually) but only one that ranks as #1 on my list.

I met a woman at NEXUS who retired my Little Black Book.

Up until that moment, it had been an ordinary day. I had a ritual that I stuck to on Friday evenings to make sure the business could operate smoothly. Tucked away in my office, I was setting up backup register banks so bartenders would always have change when customers bought drinks.  

When I’m counting money, I do not like to be disturbed so hearing somebody tap on my door was aggravating. That’s why I barked, “Who is it? I’m busy.”

A voice answered, “It’s Jezelle Hebert. Can you step outside? I have somebody for you to meet.”

I said, “I can’t right now, I’m really very busy. Give me 10 minutes.”

She left and I went back to work, separating money into stacks of various denominations for the upstairs and downstairs bar registers.  Ten minutes later, she was back. “Noah, come out please.  I told you I have somebody I want you to meet.”

I said, “Okay, give me five minutes.” Honoring my word, five minutes later, I stepped into the crowded bar downstairs, packed with Happy Hour customers. As I walked towards the bar, I could see Jezelle standing up. I could tell by her body language she was talking to someone who was sitting down next to her. There were a lot of guys crowded around her and whoever was sitting in that seat. As I walked around the bar, I got a glimpse of who that person was.  She was beautiful. Jezelle was also a gorgeous woman so it was no wonder that men were swarming around these two ladies. I was happy to see the men buying them drinks and wanted those transactions to keep going all night.  But I also wanted the men to get out of my way so I could get next to her. With a little finesse, I got where I wanted to be.

Jezelle said, “This is who I want you to meet. Noah this is Karin Grant…Karin, meet Noah Hopkins, the man who owns this club.”

That simple introduction led to a pleasant conversation. I could tell from our chemistry that I wanted to get to know this lady. I just felt that she was different. Her look. Her confidence. Her style.

I discovered that she had just recently moved to New Orleans and was a new face on TV.  As much as I wanted to stay and continue talking to her, I knew I had to finish the work that was critical for NEXUS to operate that night. With duty calling, I explained, “I am right in the middle of something. I’ll be out shortly but in case you have to leave, here’s my card, maybe we can have lunch or dinner one day.”

By the time I finished my work, Karin and Jezelle had left. So, I thought to myself, “Maybe she will call me.”

As fate would have it she did call the next day and the sparks I felt the night before, ignited all over again.  

If this blog has you wanting to know more, you can read all about it in The NEXUS Days and see how meeting Karin changed my life forever; an impact so powerful that night is my all-time favorite NEXUS experience.

Do you have a NEXUS story?  

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