Ready, Set, Pause

Sunday, August 1, 2021 started with good news and bad news.

Bad news was that we had to postpone our book signing in New Orleans…We made this decision because of a resurgence of COVID 19. That nasty Delta variant is running rampant throughout the country and New Orleans is a hot spot.

When I called my longtime friend Jim Thorns to let him know he was off the hook for the book signing he had offered to host, we spent more than an hour talking about NEXUS and the things that happened during the NEXUS days. That conversation was the good news part of the scenario because it took my mind off of the book signing cancellations.

Jim said many people are eager to read the book to see if their names are in it. We laughed when we thought about the flip side of that comment. The truth is there are also people who would rather not have their NEXUS stories told. Every now and again, people would get a bit inebriated and make some false steps, and by that I mean sometimes people did things they later regretted.

Everyone will just have to wait for the release of The NEXUS Days to see how they are portrayed. The release may be a virtual experience though we are praying to have a series of in-person events, when it is safe.

Karin and I had planned to do the book launch in phases. We were set for a soft launch in August, immediately after all of the preliminary work had been completed. We still have our hearts set on an official release on October 11th to coincide with a special day in our lives. We met at NEXUS during a Friday night Happy Hour. The date was October 11, 1985. 

I am so proud of Karin for writing her first book and doing an exceptional job. We are both excited about sharing The NEXUS Days with the world and are looking forward to our kickoff in New Orleans, hopefully on October 11th to make that date twice as nice—the anniversary of the day we met and the release of the book that is a sweet collaboration. 

Stay tuned…

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