The Golden Age of Black Night Life in
New Orleans

NEXUS had the best of two worlds—loyal customers
who lived in the city and star power from A-list
celebrities who were often in the club




(an excerpt)


His story begins at his pinnacle, at least by his standards. He thought he had everything—success, money, fancy cars, a wife, side chick, and lots of one-night stands. His life couldn’t get any better. But one evening, with a full moon hanging in a velvet sky, a woman walked into his world and his wild ways instantly ended.

From his new beginning to his life now, I know his story well because it is my story, too.

My name was Karin Grant, and I spent many years in television news, rising to the coveted spot of news anchor.

When I accepted an offer at a TV station in New Orleans, I crossed paths with Noah Hopkins. I remember the exact date we met—October 11, 1985. Since details like this are not his strong suit, he trusts my memory.

We both recall our introduction at NEXUS, the two-story club he established on Elysian Fields in a blue-collar neighborhood near the lakefront in New Orleans.

It was a busy Friday night with a packed house, yet we were in an imaginary bubble—talking, laughing, and beginning a journey, mapped out by the hand of fate.

That night and everything that led up to it often replays in my head like a favorite movie that never gets old.

Copyright 2021 by Karin G. Hopkins. All rights reserved.


Karin Hopkins

Karin Hopkins is the wife of the man who is the central character in The NEXUS Days. Thinking he was rich, she married him for his money. He thought she was a gold mine and he married her for her precious goodies. That’s the joke they’ve been laughing about throughout their crazy ride as a booed-up couple.

As a writer, Karin places readers in a roller coaster seat and says, “Buckle up,” for the range of emotions you will experience as you flip the pages of The NEXUS Days.